about the project

We are all unique, not just in how we look, but in our very essence. Like fingerprints, our personalities are distinct, shaped by our experiences, dreams, and desires. And in this project, we see these differences writ large, with every portrait playing a role in the symphony of faces that compose us as society.

Each portrait has been given its own set of tones by the same computer code I wrote – scanning the image, creating a diverse array of tones that reflect the individuality of its subject. They all capture the person in a unique and special, auditory, way. These portraits should remind us that, though we may seem separate and distinct, we are all part of the same complex humanity and in our diversity we find our strength and our beauty.

This project should be viewed as a tribute to the diverse tapestry that we all weave together. It celebrates the beauty and complexity of individuals, each one a precious thread – each one a tone in a big symphony of life.

a symphony of faces.

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